Travel And Trouble

Trains are fun. Trouble: not so much. After much trial and error I have come to the conclusion that the USB cable for my camera is the problem, so I’m going to try and get one of those tomorrow – though I have no idea where from. Let’s just pray that you can get them at airports, eh? My main channel:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Travel And Trouble

  1. RachelGRaspberry says:

    her name is Bridie

  2. Lilasko says:

    0:21 I forgot that they have left-hand traffic in England so I freaked out a bit, but then he filmed his mum and I was calm again xD

  3. CutePoem says:

    oh he would be so honest and say everything and would get a lesser sentence

    or he would be so loyal, and wouldn’t say anything … : s

  4. ZIYR0 says:

    Trust me, he would NOT do well in prison.

  5. CutePoem says:

    this comment makes me laugh every time I watch this video, and I watch it many times

  6. bixin123 says:

    charlie ‘s sister is so cute ,and charlie . i find that i love u so much!  go for it! guy!

  7. ZIYR0 says:

    (true story) In my 16 years as an american I have been shot 3 times and stabbed 4 times, But the first day My friends brother went to Edinburgh, he was stabbed in the thumb.

  8. magicaly9 says:

    I personally think America is scary, I LIVE IN A MUCH SMALLER PLACE THAN ENGLAND

  9. smoshninja25 says:

    America is not that bad well at least we hav freedom woo
    But still it is dangerous but wat part of the world isnt dangerous

  10. Indigokitteh says:


  11. MelissaMees says:

    …. impossible.

  12. TheElliebee123 says:

    i really like Bryony 

  13. taysteekiwiz says:

    It was good stuff :/

  14. abglane says:

    I’m American… Ur awesome btw

  15. 1997stargirl5555 says:

    But I do guess anywhere can seem intimidating if you haven’t visited it before, lik my friend from England, Miles, was afraid when my family took him to a county fair because he says he didn’t want his shoes to be niked(stolen) :) he was fine

  16. 1997stargirl5555 says:

    Um America being scary as if lik I’ve been living here my whole life and hav only been in two gangs :) jk just kidding but seriously I live 15 minuets from DC (MD) and as long as you stick out of the bad regions ur good( this is to all tht hav never been to America) but I really want to go to England though…

  17. bookfiend2009 says:

    Here the only thing he would get shot by is a cow shooting him with a giant loogie (Gotta love the American boondocks)

  18. Ember121Scorpio says:

    get stabbed , get shot, join a gang…yup, that’s America for ya. Charlie should come to Canada, great big tundra of peace.

  19. DualVission says:


  20. ShalvaNusi says:

    am i the only one who thinks he looks kinda like sterling night?!!??!?!!?

  21. siennasienna1 says:

    lol. over here in america the steering weel is on the other side so it looked like you were driving while looking down at the camera.

  22. xOliviaXDx says:

    Charlie don’t wear sun glasses they cover your beautiful eyes!! 

  23. MissTwilightHater says:

    Your sister looks so young here XD I mean I know she is… you know what I mean XD

  24. agentpickles111 says:

    if your scared of america come to canada! :D you can ride polar bears and get a pet moose

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