Time Travel: Einstein’s big idea (Theory of Relativity)

To watch the whole documentary in High Quality go to: www.youtube.com Here is a little clip about how time travel can occur. The clip was taken from: The World’s First Time Machine (Discovery Channel). Dr Ronald Mallett
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to Time Travel: Einstein’s big idea (Theory of Relativity)

  1. dirtyjew1974 says:

    are you emplying people should refuse to learn and figure things out because people havent been around long? i dont believe in the big bang but science isnt bad either, many different types of science. science is responsible for you driving to work or turning a light on in your house. science is how man goes to space where theres no gravity and still comes back, man has it down to a science so he’s able to do so. the momment people stop trying to learn anything is the momment theres no progress

  2. dirtyjew1974 says:

    i want it myself!

  3. lazer1235 says:

    Stephen Hawking threw a time traveler’s party and announced it after it occurred.

  4. SuteroidoX says:

    The photon clock doesn’t depend on light or its velocity either. I’ll summarize everything that was mentioned here in a more simplified manner: The faster you move, the more massive you become, and the more massive you become the more powerful the gravity you exhibit, and as an effect; the slower time passes for you. All wristwatches and clocks regardless of their mode and difference of operation will be affected in the same exact magnitude.

  5. OnHighCloud says:

    black holes, parallel universe and dimensions. ahaha what a joke. all science nonsense voodoo without any freaking speck of evidence. lolol. “Yeah right…… 2 membranes in a higher dimension collided and the Big bang happened” LOLOL what rubbish pulled out off the ass of a mere 5000 year old civilization. ahahaha. Big bang theory fails

  6. OnHighCloud says:

    LOL man has not even set foot on any other planet, and the cosmos is so freaking infinitely huge. LOL and humans have only been developing since 5000 years. which is not even a blink in cosmic time and they are already determining how the universe started??? . it’s like counting chickens before they hatch.

  7. 123e3 says:

    Thanks for the confirmation man. 

  8. randomaccountonface says:

    en wikipedia org/wiki/D%C3%A9j%C3%A0_vu
    dick head

  9. LuckeeLappe94 says:

    I don’t think this really works out… The passing of time makes the clock tick, it’s not the ticking of a clock that makes time pass!

  10. ycnl2 says:

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  11. PartyBoyz83100 says:

    the clock will work slower but that doesn’t mean time slows down too! :p

  12. XxRAINISM says:

    Time is based off numbers. Though, the idea makes perfect.

  13. apparentlyso08 says:

    its very possible but easier to time travel using using your third eye. Thats the same place where you would get the deja vu feeling from.

  14. apparentlyso08 says:

    its very possible but easier to time travel using using your third eye. Thats the same place where you would get the deja vu feeling from.

  15. maulerrw says:

    I was working in an apartment block the other day on electricals and opened a fire door to find a brick wall directly behind it…
    “theyve altered the matrix!”

  16. maulerrw says:

    *At* the speed of light?
    If you are traveling at exactly the speed of light, it will take you 20 years to get there… to anyone on Earth.
    To you, it will be instant. Time stops at the speed of light (for whatever is going that fast)
    So if you left now instantly at the speed of light and i waited, you would be there when im 43 (im 23 now)
    You however, wont have aged a second and would have been instant.
    Hence, effectively traveling in time.

  17. MrSupasexi says:

    trying to think about this after pulling an all nighter is just absolutely blowing my mind…

  18. cbiome says:

    2Playlist: sites.google.com/site/sciview1 Documentaries

  19. DaFleegsta says:

    Only thing wrong about this is that travelling at lightspeed slows down time 7 times.. So 1 hour wouldnt take 100 years, it’d take 7 hours.

  20. lijin881 says:

    i mean im no expert in this, but time does not exist, is made up….. if it does not exist then his theory of time traveling clues is invalid. just a thought

  21. 123e3 says:

    So lets say Glise 581g is 20 light years away. I take off from earth at the speed of light. In reality it takes me 20 years to get there. But there are still things I don’t get. Will it have felt like a few seconds for me or would it feel like 20 years? if it is like this video says then I can travel 20 light years in what would feel like a few seconds. Right?

  22. XXXGarvitXXX says:

    What if I use a digital or analogous clock instead of the photon ticking clock!!!
    Light can’t slow it down because it does not depend on light or it’s speed. Time won’t be slowed down!!!

  23. khanhie7 says:

    bullshit…Deva vu is a glitched from the matrix.

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