Through the wormhole S1E03 – Is time travel possible(FULL)

This makes me wonder: If time travel is possible, then why do we not have it and always have had it available to us? Then I remember the saying: Nothing is impossible. I then realize that if nothing is impossible, then surely it must be possible for some things to be impossible; otherwise it would mean that “Nothing is impossible” is false. So, since (nothing is impossible) = (everything is possible) – then it must be possible that some thing is impossible because if it isn’t possible for some thing to be impossible, it would directly contradict “everything is possible”, which would in-turn contradict “nothing is impossible”. My conclusion is that: A# I have no idea if time travel is possible or impossible B# I’m not sure I understand what I just wrote( ok, this ones a lie xD ) C# I should have been in bed ages ago because now it may be impossible for me to get up as early as I had hoped. Anyways, I thought this episode really posed some interesting questions and I hope you all enjoy it. Makes me wonder if what we see as ghosts, could in fact be brief brushes between periods in time and to the ghosts, we are the ghosts. Perhaps somehow a “window” naturally manages to get opened between space and time which then allows a glimpse between past/present/future. I really don’t know, it’s late and I’m just day dreaming… as usual! Peace! THROUGH THE WORMHOLE SEASON 1 Season 1 Episode 1: Season 1 Episode 2: Season 1 Episode 3:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Through the wormhole S1E03 – Is time travel possible(FULL)

  1. MrDiamond573 says:

    that voodoo stuff is very violent for this video

  2. Wildfox01 says:

    Dark energy doesn’t behave like light or any physical object capable of velocity! Scientists are yet to determine, why the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate! Applying the concept of the Big Bang and considering the gravitational forces in the known universe of solar systems and galaxies, the universe should be slowing down! Some people think dark energy is the cause of the expansion. However, dark energy is still very unknown!

  3. MrPwnageGuy1 says:

    well technically there is something faster than the speed of light: Dark Energy, its what made the big bang expand faster than the speed of light and is currently expanding our universe today :D

  4. alicedeejay1 says:

    i have actually gone back in time to 1950s there is a worm hole on Bold Street in Liverpool England you just need to go up the ramp that leads from central station to Bold Street it has happened to may people

  5. spartan117140 says:

    According to Albert Einstein one of the greatest mines ever discovered, stated that an object can travle faster then light, but said object will become light itself.

  6. da0484 says:

    Morgan Freeman is AWESOME!!

  7. elgato9o says:

    if there is a god, he must sound like Morgan Freeman

  8. MsBobmonkhouse says:

    entropy….look it up.

  9. Wildfox01 says:

    Time travel is theoretically possible, but not practically achievable by our current technology! If an object can travel faster than the speed of light, then theoretically, that object can travel back through time! Unfortunately, we haven’t discovered anything faster than light!

  10. wheelwizard says:

    because of expansion of the universe, time travel is not possible, it would mean, if you wanna travel back in time, the hole universe should get back to his earlier position ,imagine how much energy would that need,;)

  11. HerrDerpington says:

    Time-travel: Go to the 4th dimension, where past present and future is one and you see yourself like a caterpillar extending from your mother’s womb and her mother’s womb and so on; then jump.

    Then again, this was from Grant Morrison on weed.

  12. UL439 says:

    Cheers dude. I’m in fact curious as to how you would practically implement the solution.

  13. LastSando says:

    What kind of effect do you have/see when you:
    1- have a camera connected to a TV
    2- The monitor of the TV turnned to the camera lent.
    3- You beteewn both TV and camera.

    After you do this See which of yourself is faster to “waving the hand”.

    If you understand this you will also understand that we need A Mirror of a side of “a 3-storey building”.

    If you are coruious and if you don’t think I am creazy I will tell you the next steps.

  14. LastSando says:

    It has the same limitation as seeing earth from far space.
    The problem with my mirror teory is that past People can’t see the future people using to the mirror. Only people from future can see the “real light image” from past people.

    The good things is that you can use mirror teory “here”. .When you look at the Sun you see it how it was 8 minutes ago.
    satellites Travels in time faster then us here on the earth’s surface.
    The closer from the center of the planet we are the slower times goes.

  15. UL439 says:

    I have had the *exact* same theory, but that only allows you to observe the past, not to physically travel throughout spacetime :/ regardless, it’s very cool to know that someone else has been thinking of the same issue: how would you do it with mirrors?

  16. LastSando says:

    We take photos to far distant galaxies! Right?
    Do we see galaxies how they are right now? NO! We see them as they where millions of year ago!
    If it is true! (And it is true) It means if you are VERY FAR from earth… you can see the past of earth..and see for exemple how did the dinosours died, or if you want, you can,,come a bit close to earth and see what happened 100 year ago..
    What do you think about this? I have a teori my self that alow of to see the past using mirrors!! Want to know that?

  17. SpacePirateModels says:

    i just think everyones clock is just messed up :)

  18. SirGrowalott says:

    Morgan Freeman = Best voice ever.

  19. AlyssiaStrasbourg says:

    I love Morgan Freeman… =D

  20. gabigowriel says:

    reality is PRE-DETERMINED:
    our whole world is like a single movie on tape that one could hold in its hand!
    what we do is decided before, what we have done in past cannot be changed!
    Only Jesus says it true,even if many of those who read my comment will laugh at me!
    or maybe that’s something pre-determined and each human has its “role” or “punishment time” here on earth!
    either way, the results of the “TEST” are fast!

  21. AdamPlex says:

    Time travel would ruin and kill us all. Everyone wouldn’t live the same life everyday. It wouldn’t make sence. If u put a lot of thought into it like I have u will see we will not be happy with time travel. Everyone wuld get perfect lifes that’s not how were supposed to live

  22. emperorkang says:

    …why would i want to kill my own grandfather?

  23. djmanteen says:

    If someone was to go forward in time wouldnt that mean our lifes set to path to be able to make the destionation you go to

  24. swartschkalle says:

    in marklar we refer anything and everything as marklar

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