Lake Buena Vista Holiday Inn Hotel – A Brief Review

Article by Cindy Bair

Considered as one of the most spectacular hotels inside Disney World Resort, the Lake Buena Vista Holiday Inn Hotel is among the most popular choices among tourists. And if you have plans of visiting Florida for its many attractions, you have probably considered this hotel given the many positive comments it garners on the net and many online forums.

However, it still helps that you know what to expect. Here in this article, the different aspects of the Lake Buena Vista Holiday Inn will be featured. It will tackle different angles of how a hotel should be, and how this hotel meets that standard.

Overall look and appearance

Part of the reason why tourists willingly pay premium for hotels is because of its sheer appearance. It is never like a regular home because of the grandiose architecture and grand interior designing. It allows guest to live like a royalty even if only for a few days.

In this respect, it appears that Lake Buena Vista Holiday Inn hotel does deliver what is expected. Being one of the hotels inside Disney World, it is spectacular appearance-wise, both outside and indoors. The place gets a perfect rating in this respect.

Customer service quality

No matter how gorgeous a hotel looks though, it only takes one minor mistake to annoy a picky customer. Clients of hotels like this one often expect only the best. So the next important quality of hotels inside Disney World, as any other hotel, is to portray unmatched service quality.

From the round the clock availability of the staff, the 24-hour security, and room service, the Lake Buena Vista Holiday Inn hotel does have the wow factor. And as a bonus, they also offer free shuttle services to nearby attractions such as the business centers of Orlando, shopping sites, fine restaurants, and Disney theme parks and rides.

Availability of amenities

Getting what you paid for is one thing. But getting more is another; and that calls for real customer satisfaction. And to achieve this, a hotel must have the courtesy to install amenities that its tenants can enjoy during their stay.

Listing down some of its finest facilities, the Lake Buena Vista Holiday Inn hotel has an outdoor pool, a cyberspace and children’s playground, an in-house restaurant which offers American style cuisine, and also access to Disney World Golf.

Quality of food service

The food service is impeccable! If you hate having to go out just to get your breakfast, the room service from Applebee Restaurant serves some of the most memorable meals. Thanks to world class chefs that the food court has.

And because the hotel offers free shuttle rides to the nearest attractions in Orlando, you also have quick access to some of the finest restaurants in the area.

Capability to host large events

How does an 11,000 square feet of activity area sound to you? With a space that can accommodate up to 1,300 people this hotel certainly can accommodate grand celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, and golden birthdays.

And you can discuss your plans with the management to arrange the best party. They offer top-notch catering services as well as event planning services. If you ever need a party done right, this is the place to go.

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Risk Removed from Online Hotel Reservations; Tourism Guide Releases New Accommodation Review System to Enhance Holiday Experiences

Risk Removed from Online Hotel Reservations; Tourism Guide Releases New Accommodation Review System to Enhance Holiday Experiences

(PRWEB) September 23, 2005

Pleppin Tourism Guides have taken a step to help travellers make better accommodation decisions, by integrating a new ‘Hotel Review System’, into their hotel reservation and tourism information website. Hoping to remove some of the risk from hotel reservation, and to develop a new community in tourism information, the team at Pleppin invite you to review a hotel today.

“We are firm believers in community’ states Greg Scowen, founder of Pleppin Tourism Guides, ‘We know that when give a little you get a lot back. That is what our hotel review system is all about. When you review a hotel at Pleppin, you are helping hundreds of visitors every day, other tourists just like you. The added bonus is that you can also access and read all of our reviews at any time, so you benefit too, from the community of reviewers around you.”

The hotel review system is open to all visitors to Pleppin Tourism Guides ( It doesn’t matter of you are not a writer, if you cannot spell, or even if you write your review in another language. What is important is that if you have had a bad, or great, hotel experience, that you share it with the world so they can avoid or share in the same.

Tourism Information Guides for 25 countries are now available at Pleppin, and each of these have their own independent hotel section. All of the hotel guides are linked into Pleppin’s universal hotel review system, so it is easy to find you’re a hotel in your destination. To review a hotel, simply locate the page of your chosen hotel in the guide for the country where it is located. When you have found it, simply click on the ‘add a review’ link.

If you are searching for a hotel in a country that isn’t currently featured at Pleppin, don’t panic! Included at the generic Pleppin home page is a hotel section that contains all of the hotels available for booking through the site worldwide. With over 65,000 hotels available on the site, chances of finding the one you want are high.

For additional information, or to try the Pleppin hotel review system for yourself, visit

About Pleppin Tourism Guides:

Pleppin Tourism Guides are an independent information source for travellers, developed by Greg Scowen of Diverse Media Solutions. Pleppin offers full-page directory listings at no charge to all tourism operators in the countries for which they have developed guides.


Greg Scowen, founder/senior developer

Pleppin Tourism Guides


# # #

Vocus©Copyright 1997-

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Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Reservation hotel software -motel reservation software review – Reservation Master is reservations software presented by Martinus Braveroot for the purpose of keeping track of reservations in hotels, motels, guest houses, etc. There is a 30 day trial version and a PDF manual of the software that you can use. The makers are of the opinion that if you can’t understand a piece of software in five minutes, it’s too complicated to ever being properly useful. So they developed Reservation Master to be a simple to use software; you’ll have it up and running in less than ten minutes. There is a color coded booking sheet that provides you with instant information on your room availability and the guarantee status, reducing the possibility for mistakes.
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My Travel Brush Choices & Review: Sigma Travel Brushes

i’m a total twitter addict. facebook page: This is a breakdown of the makeup brushes that I like to bring when I travel, as well as a mini review on Sigma Brushes. ** Please note I do not show every brush in this video, only the ones I am using. The ones that are left out are the 109 Foundation Brush, the 239 Eye Brush and the 219 Pencil Brush. I dont like the 239 its basically only good for a highlight brush for me which is fine, the 109 is kind of prickley but does its job and the 219 isnt as structured and is longer than the MAC 219 so you kind of loose that precision but it still serves its basic purpose. On my Eyes: Grey Contacts Loreal Hip Duo Eyeshadow in Playful (both shadows used) Lips: Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Nude Blush & Mac Myth lipstick Earrings: DSK Jewelry Top: (well its actually a “dress”) Brushes: Sigma: Confidential: (i will fill in the rest of the info right now while my video processes) FTC: this is my 100% honest opinion. i am not getting paid to do this video. the brushes shown were sent to me for free to try from the company but this is my honest review and i did not get any money from the company to do a review.

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