Luxor Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas – On

Luxor Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas - On

A gigantic replica of the Great Sphinx stands in front of the 30-story dark pyramid of the Luxor Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, inviting guests into the Egyptian-themed resort, complete with swaying palms, statues of Ramses and a mock obelisk. Accessible by the Vegas monorail, the Luxor is at the south end of The Strip near the Las Vegas Convention Center. With its flashing beam of light on the apex and a towering atrium inside, the pyramid is a favorite among vacationing families, though the vast casino, nightly entertainment and gourmet dining guarantee adults a quintessential Las Vegas vacation. Dramatically lit statues, towering pillars and polished wood furniture adorn the marble lobby. Pyramid guest accommodations are accessed by inclinators (elevators that ascend on an angle because of the building’s shape) and have slanted picture windows that look out onto The Strip. The hotels Egyptian theme is subtler in the guest rooms, which are decorated with comfortable, contemporary furnishings, though scattered touches such as hieroglyphic artwork or black lacquer inlay evoke the exotic vibe. Rooms and Las Vegas suites range from about 400 square feet to over 1000 square feet, the most luxurious of which offers marble soaking tubs, separate sitting areas and wet bars. Las Vegas specialty restaurants like Fusia Luxor, offering Asian cuisine, and T & T, which serves Mexican food, are popular among families. Guests with a discerning palate enjoy award-winning Chef KC Fazel’s
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23 Responses to Luxor Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas – On

  1. FR3DisGAY says:

    Agreed. I debunked the Illuminati infront of my conspiracy nutjob english class and although the teacher who did change his mind, everyone else called me a hater and a racist :)

  2. MrBonobo1000 says:

    i sleept there for 3 nights :D

  3. pricture says:

    “Conspiracy theorists are about as worthless as a used condom.”

    You think thats any better? >->

  4. Fwtbt1 says:

    i was there september last year and it was open, but he was doing shows then? i thought it would have been open all the time

  5. Tierren32 says:

    Luxor gave me bad luck at the tabels ! I think it was the spirits from the bodies exhibit that haunt that hotel ! Will not be staying there again !

  6. vigo894 says:

    @pricture= Yeah, I’m sick of this illumination shit. If someone takes a dump in the urinal at a Starbucks, somebody has to start this crap. Conspiracy theorists are about as worthless as a used condom.

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  8. TayLuvsFrogs99 says:

    I went to go to the Criss Angel shop an it was closed!! I was sooo sad :( they only open it when he has his show open.

  9. 7vegashighroller says:

    Actually not really, rooms start out in the $60 range, so if you like to stay in large resorts but don’t want to pay the large resort price such as $200+ at the Wynn/Encore, then this is the place for you.

  10. pricture says:

    @Marijanak888 @LordVapor No one knows for sure if the “illuminati” are real or not, but conspiracy or not its alot easier to control and dilude a population when they’re at each others throats over this shit.

    So stop fighting, its not helping.

  11. pricture says:

    I visited the Luxor on my trip to Vegas and its pretty cool, but did anyone else notice the top floor? My trip was at the end of 2007 so idk if its changed but the top floor is kind of a deathtrap lol, the floor itself is slightly slanted toward the middle of the building and theres nothing but a waist-high wall to keep you from falling.

    Wonder how many ppl died from that…….

  12. silomorgy1 says:

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  13. RSaxon07 says:

    smh. You gotta be kidding me

  14. nova4009 says:

    I’m staying there for minecon :P

  15. MrBidwin says:

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  16. Marijanak888 says:

    I m not a junky I never even tried drug,it s not my fault that u dont know apsolutelly anything about world around you,illuminati a myth,ahahah,I m dying of laugh,they rule this world and all powerful ppl are in it,investigate and u ll see I m right,and power of Christ s real and huge,I can give u zilion proofs for that,damn u re so ignorant and u dare to attack ppl who re much more smarter than u are,if I were u I d take some time to learn about world around me,greetings

  17. LordVapor says:


    What in the flippity goddamn fuck were you smoking when you posted this? Heroin? Crack? Some new designer drug like combining Ribolfavin, Winstrol, and Butterscotch pudding to make some kinda super drug?

    The Illuminati are a myth. Like Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the power of Christ.

  18. Zlykin says:

    @flamingskullmy I was hoping it was to learn how to spell.

  19. airanorak1 says:

    Went here in June 2011 to see Titanic exibit, very nice

  20. kissmybrownass says:

    You’re right, the hotel definitely looks rundown. It’s looks really old from the outside. Much of the carpeting in the hallways, hotel rooms, and casino are old and need replacing. This pyramid needs a renaissance.

  21. kissmybrownass says:

    I’m at Luxor right now. I remember when it opened 18 years ago, it was the crown jewel of Vegas. Many other hotels have since outdone Luxor, and while it’s still great, it’s a second tier hotel on The Strip. Once you get over the shape of the hotel, there’s nothing particularly unique about it. The unusual shape makes the hotel rooms spread far apart, and there are very few elevators. I’m on the 17th floor, and I literally have to walk for five minutes from my room to the closest elevator.

  22. ahmedelmoon says:

    Yup , lol.

  23. MeGrimlockReviews21 says:

    Oh crap I think the comment below me is right and I’m going tomorrow!!!! God bless me there!

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