Boeing 737 Flight Deck @ 41000 Feet [HD]

Boeing 737 Flight Deck @ 41000 Feet ~ See what goes on.
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24 Responses to Boeing 737 Flight Deck @ 41000 Feet [HD]

  1. contrailplanes says:

    can the pilots hear each other on their headsets or can they just hear the ATC cause it seems to be pretty loud in the cockpit.

  2. pcplayer737ngx says:

    I am not agree

  3. 654321825 says:

    I don’t hate the 737; I hate old styled cockpits. I don’t like to see all those switches and indicators in the overhead, everything is cramped in, and just visually unattractive. If you look at the 737′s cockpit, and then look at an Airbus A319… you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

  4. pcplayer737ngx says:

    Why do you hate the 737?

  5. 654321825 says:

    Why do you people like this 737 so freaking much? Honestly, I just HATE that ancient cockpit! Boeing has made SUCH better planes, like the 777, and you guys are still loving this old thing.

  6. 1234av8tor says:

    There are so many people in the comments that have no idea about flying. Oxygen levels, tas, ias, ground speed, pressurization, stall speed and over speed, maximum operating altitude. The list goes on and on. If you have any doubt that the person you are arguing is wrong do some research and crosscheck it with a pilot that operates that aircraft.

  7. NinjaPl33z says:

    he was probabaly recording.

  8. kenpalmer1965 says:

    This is neat cockpit coverage. Where is the co-pilot out of curiosity? That shot of the clouds out of the window was awesome!

  9. BenGaut says:

    It’s simply something you learn along the way as a pilot. Like I said, taking it past Vmo for a few minutes will most likely not cause a catastrophic failure. Taking it past Vmo for extended periods of time could, though.
    And let me clarify something: I do not condone taking planes past Vmo. It’s there for a reason. Over time, it will cause structural fatigue and COULD cause a catastrophic failure. But those people that day didn’t care about the structure of the plane beyond 8:30 that morning.

  10. BenGaut says:

    I can immediately tell you are not a pilot. The force of air on the engines? You do realize these are jet engines that thrive off of air pressure, right? The faster you go, the more efficient they are (until you are transonic, but that’s a completely different matter).
    Also, the windshield can take a ridiculous amount of pressure. They can withstand a bird strike at 300kts. That pressure far exceeds any air pressure you’ll encounter at 500kts.
    You won’t find this information on the internet.

  11. EinkOLED says:

    And where is this information on the internet????????? The only people who know and have exceeded VMO are the test pilots for that particular aircraft during certification. There’s a reason why aircraft can’t exceed a particular airsoeed and it is to do with the drag and the force of air acting on the engines/windshield.

  12. BenGaut says:

    Overspeeding an aircraft will, over time, cause metal fatigue and other problems. But taking it past its Vmo for a few minutes won’t cause it to break apart, especially when you only take it ~150kts past Vmo.

    The only people who debate this are people who don’t know anything about aviation.

  13. adam3176 says:

    HEY JIMMY!! You ever seen a grown man Naked?

  14. tanman250 says:

    did you ask one of the flight attendants if you could visit the cockpit or did you know the pilot to get into it during the flight ? I’m 16 and live in Winnipeg, currently getting my PPL and wish to be a pilot for WestJet or Air Canada some day ! I was also wondering if they would let me in during the flight or if id have to wait until before or after the flight when they’ve completed the checklists. I fly the PMDG 737 on FSX and love it !

    Thanks !

  15. rkan2 says:

    Away from most of the Earth’s atmospheric shield!

  16. fourwheelmaniac9 says:

    below 10,000 feet

  17. rohit11pokemond1999 says:

    my god its awesome …..

  18. snipingace34 says:


  19. fmatos22 says:

    awesome video….

  20. joepatroni77 says:

    Lots of radiation up there.

  21. crstian2009 says:

    Beautiful Cockpit !!!!

  22. crstian2009 says:

    Excellent video’s man! . Please Subscribe to my channel and check out my aviation’s video’s

  23. denelson83 says:

    Uh, isn’t this supposed to be a sterile cockpit? :s

  24. hozie482 says:

    737ng has to be the one of the best planes boeing ever built

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