Be Careful, It’s My Heart – Holiday Inn 1942

Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin Bing Crosby at the Holiday Inn on Valentine’s Day Danced by Fred Astaire and Marjorie Reynolds
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to Be Careful, It’s My Heart – Holiday Inn 1942

  1. RebelMusicInc says:

    This will never be the same for me now…. wonderful film… one of the best Christmas Classics

  2. LowRobinSongs says:

    ORIGINAL JAZZ SONG, “Something And Marvelous”.
    thanks !

  3. ShanaeEskimoFace says:

    Love her dress :)

  4. gwainee says:

    hahaha. This is so ironic.

  5. SunriseHealthFoods says:

    i want this to be one of the songs at my wedding.

  6. pedroschneider76 says:

    Try a jazz+bossa version by Delicatessen. Fantastic.

  7. catdogs1237 says:

    i actually watchd this movie to and more than once but i meant just for this song

  8. DorothyNTheMunchkins says:

    You’ll be happy if you watch the whole movie, Bing gets the girl at the end! :) This is one of my favorite movies of all time.

  9. LeiFox87 says:

    Yeah, especially considering that Bing’s character wrote the song just for her for Valentine’s Day, and she ends up dancing to it with another guy…yeah, real nice.

  10. catdogs1237 says:

    i love this song but i hate that fred takes the girl away from bing

  11. JaganshiChelsea says:

    I always love good stuff like this! I was RAISED on this kind of thing.

  12. MrShadowdemon666 says:

    I’m not a typical 14 year old… I actually really like classics. I suppose it’s cause I grew up knowing these people. Fred, Bing, Frank Sanatra, all those guys, I love the music, the dancing, and all of it.

  13. LazlosPlane says:

    Man, was I born at the wrong time.

  14. rachel7036 says:

    this is a nice movie to watch on holidays..I love the classics.

  15. lana1939 says:

    I couldn’t wait to return to this for Valentine’s weekend. Too bad they don’t croon, dance, or wear gowns and tuxes like this anymore…I would love to fox trot through that Valentine with Fred while Bing’s singing…so romantic. Thanks for keeping this up!

  16. LeiFox87 says:

    This is so appropriate to watch over Valentine’s Day :3

  17. astaire8 says:


  18. cowboys448 says:

    I love this song

  19. birdflew377 says:

    Oh me too!!!

  20. birdflew377 says:

    Well, no thumbs down, great!!! How could there be, Irving Berlin wrote such beautiful music. Caryl McD

  21. catwomanpl1 says:

    Oh, how I love that movie!

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