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The Greatest Food & Travel: West Village, NYC with CiCi Li! So amazing!

Food Paradise Facebook! Check out my Vlog! The Greatest Food & Travel: West Village, NYC with CiCi Li! So amazing! Today, CiCi explored the West Village section of Greenwich Village; famous for the “Beat Generation” of the 1950′s. Before getting started, CiCi wanted to fortify herself with a serious cup of coffee. This meant a visit to Roasting Plant Coffee; a specialty coffee shop with high tech brewing techniques and unique flavors. Appropriately charged, CiCi’s next stop was “AC Gears,” a fun, futuristic, gadget lifestyle boutique. What other toy and novelty shop has a backpack with built-in solar panels for charging your electronic devices, or a face bank that literally eats your money? After her trip through gadgetland, CiCi was ready for lunch at “Ofrenda” Mexican Restaurant, with food and atmosphere offering the gift of authentic home-style cooking and warm tradition. CiCi even got an impromptu Samba dance lesson, and the background behind some of the artwork depicting stories of family and cooking. Of course CiCi was there for the food, and she was amazed by delicious dishes using Cactus; something she never would have thought was edible, much less delicious. Dance, music, art, and food all in one place; “Ofrenda” definitely illustrates the New York City aesthetic, especially the West Village. After lunch, it was time for dessert, and CiCi wanted something cool and refreshing on that hot summer day. “Popbar;” gelato-on-a-stick was
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10 Tips for Airline Travel with Baby Mike and I are avid travelers and having a baby doesn’t have to stop us from continuing this great love of ours. We’ve already taken Griffin on three airplane trips in his young 6 month-old life. While traveling with little ones takes a little more planning and patience, it can be done. Here are the top tips for traveling with babies that I’ve learned along the way. 1. Book flights outside of the “witching hour.” With young babies, the later the date, the more fussy they become. I learned the hard way not to book a flight in the 3 to 7 pm window. It is much easier to take morning flights because babies are better rested, happier and therefore more adaptable. 2. Reserve a window seat. This gives you privacy for nursing or feeding and contains a “wall” (the window) to lean against which helps with a squirmy baby. You are also in charge of the amount of light coming in through window shade, which helps when trying to get a baby to nap. An added bonus, some babies also like to look out windows… a nice diversion! 3. Go to gate early and see if you can be seated next to an empty seat. If the plane isn’t full, most airline attendants will let you move to a seat next to an empty seat. This is a HUGE score. We brought Griffin’s car seat onboard and strapped him in the empty seat between Mike and I. He fell asleep easily because he’s in his own space and familiar with being in there for naps. 4. Bring a travel companion. If possible, be sure a husband, companion

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Holiday Inn Melaka

Holiday Inn Melaka
holiday inn

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Operation: Get Ready for Baby! Episode 1

Episode 1: Inspiration and Idea Boards, Nursery Art, Planning Process Episode 2: House preparations and more

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Dora Hotel Company Announces the Opening of the new Holiday Inn Express & Suites Terre Haute

Terre Haute, IN (PRWEB) June 01, 2011

IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) the world’s largest hotel group by number of rooms announces that a new 83-room Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Terre Haute, Indiana opens today. The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Terre Haute will be area?s first Holiday Inn Express hotel.

The property showcases the brand?s new sign, which is the seal of approval that this hotel exemplifies the standards of the $ 1 billion Holiday Inn brand relaunch program. The Holiday Inn brand relaunch is the largest in the history of the hospitality industry, with more than 3,400 hotels around the world being updated – improving quality and driving consistency at Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express hotels around the world. The global estate is expected to be relaunched by the end of 2010, and more than 2,600 hotels have been already been relaunched to date.

The relaunch focuses on the things research shows matter most to guests – a modern, contemporary hotel with efficient, friendly service and a great night’s sleep. Relaunched hotels such as the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Terre Haute feature:


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Holiday Inn Stop Motion Narrative Bryan Berg

IHG, the world’s largest hotel group, will unveil the Holiday Inn “Key Card Hotel,” the first-ever hotel made of key cards on September 17 in New York City, to mark the relaunch of 1200 Holiday Inn hotels globally in September. Holiday Inn has also launched its global “Key to Change” promotion, giving guests the chance to win an all-expense paid trip to a relaunched Holiday Inn of their choice, anywhere in the world.
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